Flower Design FAQ's

Floral design questions and answers

Flower arrangement line drawing - Florists Bundaberg, QLD

Our Bundaberg florists at House of Flowers go above and beyond to ensure your online order suits your exact needs. We have listed answers to some of our most frequently asked questions on floral design and delivery. If you have another question, please don’t hesitate to call us.

A. While nothing beats the wonderful scent of freshly cut flowers, there are some advantages of a silk floral arrangement. Choosing artificial flowers means:

• You won’t need to water or care for them.
• You can enjoy the look of fresh flowers year-round.
• They are the perfect gift for those who suffer from hay fever and allergies.
• They can be placed anywhere without having to worry about sunlight.

We have a wide range of artificial flowers to choose from on our Florals page

A. Once you have narrowed down your date, theme and the florals you want, the sooner you order your wedding flowers the better. This ensures that your desired date is booked, and first preferences are secured. We recommend booking your order with us 6–8 months before the wedding date.

A. Flowers can certainly brighten a patient’s day and can make the hospital room seem far less dull. However, there are some areas in a hospital where flowers and potted plants cannot be delivered due to patient safety reasons. This may include units such as:

• Burns.
• Haematology.
• Neurosurgery.
• Intensive care.
• Infectious diseases.

If you’re unsure about the policies, we recommend contacting the patient’s hospital directly to confirm.

A. Balance in a floral design is important both physically and visually. The physical balance of an arrangement ensures that the distribution of the flowers and weight. If your arrangement includes tall-stemmed flowers, such as bird of paradise or ginger lily, it should be counterbalanced and have the correct base to ensure it stays upright when placed in vase of water.

The visual balance is how it appears to the eye. There are 3 types:

• Symmetrical balance—both sides of the arrangement have the same amount.
• Asymmetrical balance—flowers are distributed unequally on either side.
• Open balance—a design that includes parallel or radial groupings of florals.

A. As well as being beautiful and fragrant, different flowers and their variety of colours also help to express specific feelings. For example:

• Chrysanthemums express happiness.
• A red rose symbolises passion and love.
• Lilies can represent pride and devotion.
• A pink orchid is a symbol of femininity.
• A white rose signifies purity and innocence.
• A yellow tulip stands for hope and friendship.
• Carnations are the official Mother’s Day flower.

Our florists can help you choose the perfect flowers and their colour to convey your message to your loved one or celebrate a special occasion.